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The Mystery of Godliness (I Tim.3:14-16) and the Local Assembly of Believers




He rode a Donkey


II and III John


Islam: The Truth about the Terror


The Wars of the Jews by Flavious Josephus


Foxe's Book of Martyrs


Oneness Theology


Katabole - What does it mean?


Are we the Bride of the Lamb? by A.E. Knoch


If God Makes You do it, Then You're NOT Sinning by Rick Farwell


The Promise of the SPIRIT


Bible Verse That Proves Freewill


Exodus Study Part 1 by Ted McDivett


Exodus Study Part 2 by Ted McDivett


Immortal Souls


Definitions of the Greek Words "Aion,"  "Aionios" and the Hebrew word "Olam"


Romans 9 and 10, Human Freedom and Human Choice by Alexander Thomson


What's Wrong with Wright:Examining the New Perspective on Paul by Phil Johnson 


God is not Everywhere and He does not Know everything by Kent Owen


The Tabernacle Made by Hand -- A Shadow by Ted McDivitt


Jesus' Ministry; How Longt Was It? By Dan Kraemer


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Our Lord Jesus Christ: Feasts celebrate His work, Holy Days worship His majesty, Types reveal His character and purpose, Shadows foretell his coming. Our Brother John Ewen explains how in this fantastic look at a rich topic! 


Lifting up our Lord Jesus Christ is an awesome blessing, whether Old Testament or New Testament. John shows us in this message how the offerings/sacrifices in Leviticus are fulfilled, finished in the work of Christ.



Theological Questions

Why didn't Cain respond like Abel? Why didn't God accept his offering? What did God mean when He said, sin lieth at the door? And what is the way of Cain spoken of in the New Testament?

Can you please explain Genesis 6. Is Moses telling us about the line of Seth and Cain mixing, or fallen angels mixing with mankind? How did Noah find grace in the eyes of the Lord?

What did it mean to redeem every firstborn son in Exodus 13:13?

Why would God speak through a sorcerer like Balaam?

What do we learn from the story of Barak?

Why did Jesus ride a donkey instead of a horse when He entered into Jerusalem just before His death?

Does the Bible Prohibit Blood Transfusions?

Abraham seems to be so important can you show his influnce on the Greek manuscripts?

Who was Balaam?



I wish I could say I understand why David fled from Ramah to find Jonathan at what must have been Sauls palace (verse 1). In Ramah, David is with Samuel the prophet. In Ramah, Saul cannot lay a hand on David. When Saul sends the three parties of men to arrest David, they are all divinely prohibited by the miraculous work of the Spirit of God. This happens to Saul as well (19:18-24). Why then does David flee to the place where Saul and Jonathan live?


Is organic evolution, as taught by Charles Darwin, an established scientific fact or is it what some scientists theorize could have happened?

What is life?

Can a believer be demon possessed?

How does God demonstrate His holiness?

What is the law of devoted things?

What is progressive revelation, and why is it important to understand it?

What is the Day of Atonement, and how was it kept?



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